Fusiform's Mission

Exponentially faster device delivery,
through collaborative processes.

The assessment and manufacturing processes of the orthopedic device industry haven't progressed in decades. People wait a month to receive an excessively expensive device, only to outgrow it 6 months later.

These devices should give people mobility and confidence, not slow them down. So we're changing it up.

Our technology will get you a device in hours, not weeks, making sure you have your best foot forward sooner than later.

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A versatile and powerful platform to make your O & P business efficient and hassle-free.

Click and drag to move the model.
Lightning Fast Order Process

Put an end to long casting hours, hand-writing forms, and shipping plaster. Upload a 10-minute 3D scan and fill out a digital order form instead.

Incredible Customer Service

Conduct your business efficiently and effectively, while never keeping a customer waiting. No more phone-chase, talk to the person in charge instantly.

Powerful Patient/Order Tracking

Track patients and orders, flagging them with statuses and receiving notifications with updates on any case.

Open Collaboration

Making mistakes costs time and money. Always stay on the same page, whether you are a clinic and fabricator, through our open collaboration system.

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